“Dave Cross, you are absolutely amazing! You have the best eye and I can’t tell you how many compliments you have received from our friends and family who have seen our wedding pictures. You also made both Jim and I feel so comfortable that our pictures came out so natural and not awkward at all.

After having worked with you for both my headshots, and now our wedding, I would highly recommend you to anyone… I have so much positive things to say about you that it won’t all fit here :) Anyone can get normal, ordinary wedding photos, but if you want absolutely gorgeous, unique and amazing pictures, then Dave Cross, you are the only photographer I would recommend. THANK YOU!”

–Lyn Liao Butler

— ¤ —

“Dave Cross you are amazing!!!! I love, love, love the photos from my wedding. Thank you for capturing every moment and blending in with such a crazy crowd. You were so smooth, people asked me if you were the fourth groomsman. You do fit in perfect with our family. Thank you for getting down and dirty for my wedding, literally! How you got that shot of me in the reflection of a puddle was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You are truly talented and your assistant Nick was the perfect sidekick. I love you guys!! Thanks again!”

–Kim Barnes (Sicurella)

— ¤ —

“Your presence as the photographer was so subtle and discreet. We were all aware of many pictures being taken but it was never a nuisance. As a caterer myself, I have seen all kinds of photographers take on the wedding thing, and I have never seen anyone as professional as you and your assistant.Thanks for being part of a great celebration!”

— Marty & Buzz Van Santvoord

— ¤ —

“Just got home from work to receive this AMAZING book! It made my entire day! I’m showing it to everyone I know! It’s the best thing I have ever seen, and I mean I don’t want to brag or anything, but our wedding pictures kick ASS! This album is so freakin’ great I can’t stand it! I just wanted to let you know that!”

— Tracy & Steve Rannazzisi

— ¤ —

“Just wanted to say thank you! Our pictures and albums turned out amazing… we love them and so does everyone we have shown them to. Our parents love their albums too! People cannot stop commenting on our portrait, which is framed in our living room, and how beautiful it is.”

— Michelle & Andrew Witlieb

— ¤ —

“Thanks Dave, you really came through for us on our Wedding Day! The pictures are amazing, you really captured the energy of the day. And thanks to your quick thinking, when our limo broke down, we didn’t miss a single shot!”

— Annette & Brian McKinney

— ¤ —

“I’m so sorry to have been so long in expressing my overwhelming appreciation of your photos. We waited until after our honeymoon to see them with Family Rooney in Scranton. We were all so struck by the beauty, detail and intimacy of the photos. You have such an incredible eye–for movement, for dialogue–and the most important gift you gave us was that when we look at the pictures, we re-live the emotion of the moment. Each one is a little window back to all the joy and giddiness of the day.

We just can’t thank you enough. We’ve been able to share some of the photos with our family and everyone has commented on how stunning your work is. You have truly given us a tremendous remembrance of our day, and for that we are eternally grateful. Again, thank you so much, Dave. It was wonderful sharing that day with you.”

— Lisa & Brian Rooney

— ¤ —

“Thank you–the albums look beautiful–I really love them and just wanted to say thank you again to you and Nick. Our wedding was a lot of fun–did not feel stressful at all….I appreciate the two of you making it relaxed and easy! Thanks again :) ”

— Kerri Cuocci