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Top 10 Wedding Photo Mistakes: #8 – Absent Invitations and Forgotten Jewelry

Wedding Photography Mistake #8 – Forgetting the Details Nothing can be quite as devastating as missing a piece of the wedding… and not just important moments, but important items too. If you are wearing your grandmother’s heirloom jewelry, or you want a photo of your invitation and wedding rings, don’t forget to let the photographer […]

Top 10 Wedding Photo Mistakes: #9 – Disappearing Photographers

Wedding Photography Mistake #9 – Forgetting About the Photographers It’s the wedding photographer’s worst nightmare: Young Cousin Joey is sharing a cigar outside with Grandpa Joseph (his namesake) in a timeless, classic moment that the photographer just knows is going to be a great photo… while inside, the bride and groom are cutting the cake.

Robot Weds Couple, Acting as Wedding Official

Holy cow! In an event straight out of an Isaac Asimov story, a robot in Japan officially wed couple Tomohiro & Satoko in a ceremony that sounds more science-fiction than romance-novel. The robot (dubbed the i-Fairy by creator Kokoro) wed the couple in a ceremony at Hibiyia Palace Park in front of family, friends, the […]

Top 10 Wedding Photo Mistakes: #10 – Hurricanes, Blizzards, and High Heat

Wedding Photography Mistake #10 – Dismissing the Weather You’ve planned for every contingency, you have everything in order, your dress is beautiful, your hair and makeup are out of this world, your groom arrives looking dapper and handsome… and the universe decides it doesn’t want to cooperate, drenching your wedding party in the worst weather […]

The Knot Wants to Feature Your Honeymoon Photography

The fine people over at The Knot are looking for fabulous photos of honeymoons!

Think your pictures have that extra special something?

Winter Wedding at TriBeCa Rooftop | New York, NY (NYC)

Winter weddings in New York City are always a gamble–and this year was a real doozy! Battling the weather is never a good idea, so when John and Valeriya woke on their wedding day, they decided to embrace the elements–which included the worst blizzard to hit NYC in decades. Starting her day out at Le […]